i need more free! on my dash so please REBLOG, not like this post if you post free! and to a lesser extent,:

  • rinharu / harurin
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  • momotori ?
  • really ANY free! posts in general as long as u tag your ships
  • i just need free
  • please give me more free

i might not follow you i f you dont tag your ships though because i blacklist some aaaaaaand yea!! thanks


rinharu fic rec masterlist aka pls rescue me from hell


So before season 2 started I basically reread every single rinharu fic I had bookmarked on ao3 and I wanted to organize them a little better! Also, thezhenger is currently going through a rough breakup(?) with her current otp so I’m trying to seduce her to join me in rinharu hell. So here they are, 32 of my absolute favorite rinharu fics. Note that these are just my very faves…there’s probably another 30 that I really like. These are just the ones that I’ve reread again n again n again. Karen, that’s a shitload of fic, you might say. Well *clears throat* I have been reading rinharu fic for almost…a year now…yep. A whole ding dang year. No shame. Karen, are you sure they’re all good? HELL YEA I AM.  I have great taste. If you don’t trust me, good thing for you I wrote up recs for each one!!  Starred fics are super extremely recommended.

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